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Haiti Relief Haiti Relief
Haiti Relief Haiti Relief

On Jan.12,2010, Lisa Van Sant, (co-owner of Grinnell Firestone), was in Fedja Haiti, struggling to keep her balance as the ground rippled beneath her feet. North of Port Au Prince approximately 20 miles, Lisa and a team from Grace Fellowship Church were scheduled to do mission work at an orphanage/deaf school. Their trip was cut short as locals recommended they evacuate as soon as possible due to the earthquake. One day with the children was enough to calm them and explain to the deaf what happened, as well as what to do in the event of it happening again.

After a short stay at the Embassy, our U.S. Air Force whisked them away to MacGuire Air force base in New Jersey. From there a police escort brought them to Philadelphia, and a commercial flight back to Des Moines.

Lisa has two deaf children, and has developed a heart for the deaf, desiring to help them achieve better sign language skills, and tell them of God's love. Feeling shorted of their time there, Lisa has patiently waited for an opportunity to return. Presently, plans are in place to return March 13-20 to help the children, staff, and refugees who have migrated north out of PAP. Approximately 55 former PAP residents surround the orphanage, living in tents, getting aid from the "All God's Children Orphanage."

On March 13-20 Mike, Lisa and 6 others returned to All God's Children Orphanage. The week was spent putting a new roof on the school for the deaf, teaching the children American Sign Language, and repairing/maintaining the orphanage vehicles. A lot of work yet to be done, and the other teams are preparing for more projects on sight. Lisa is Planning a return trip in the fall of 2010-

November 9-15, 2010, Lisa returned to the school for the deaf with 3 other women and safely worked on ASL vocabulary with the children and coaching the teacher of the deaf students. Great strides were made, but the tension due to the country's presidential election was felt as they traveled through Port-Au-Prince. The September 25 Poker Run Fund Raiser, raised enough money to purchase 3 motorcycles and a 4-wheeler to be used by the pastors of GVCM and the All God's Children Orphanage and Deaf School. Currently, we are arranging shipment of these vehicles to Haiti, along with some school desks that have been generously donated as well. Grinnell Firestone is committed to supporting the residents of Haiti in this area.

Mother Brought Food On A Donkey From Miles Away DECEMBER 9, 2016 | DEAF CHILDREN, FROM THE FIELD

Lisa Van Sant is from a small town in Iowa and is the mother of a deaf son as well as an adopted deaf daughter, Hannah, from China, who is now a teenager and pictured below with Lisa in Haiti. Lisa is a member of the board of directors of Deaf Child Hope International and she traveled to Haiti this fall to serve deaf children in poverty. Lisa shares this story about a deaf girl living at CCD, one of our partner organizations.

image 1
Lisa Van Sant (far right) with daughter Hannah
in blue. Pattie Gardiner from Maine, is on the left.
image 2
Hannah Van Sant with deaf children in Haiti.

The Mother and Grandmother of one of the deaf girls at CCD came to visit on a donkey. She found out that I had a deaf daughter and deaf son. She had no idea there were other deaf children outside of Haiti! The little girl's father is a witch... so they believed the deafness was a curse and that Haiti is a cursed nation.

image 3 image 4

image 5

I communicated with her that she, as a mother, was a special in that God chose her to care for her daughter, especially seeing how much she cared and loved her.

She had brought her daughter food, on a donkey, from miles away that day.

She is interested in learning more and also learning sign language. Patti and I would like to setup a special day there to teach sign language basics for the families that are wanting to learn. We already have 5 interested we've talked to while we were there!

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